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Cooks Creek Conservation District encourages and supports ongoing management of conservation practices that enhance and maintain quality of life and that helps build sustainable communities through integrated land and water management.

The District is east of Winnipeg and is comprised of parts of the Cooks Creek, Carrs Creek, and Lower Seine River watersheds which are all parts of the Red River Basin. Each of these drainage areas constitutes a Sub-District.

Within a Sub-District, each rural municipality appoints maximum of two local ratepayers as Sub-District committee members. The appointed members can be citizens at large or one may be an elected representative. The Chairs of these Sub-Districts are the Board members.
Current Project

The Cooks-Devils integrated watershed management plan encompasses the area of land which contributes water to Cooks and Devils Creeks, and ultimately the Red River and Lake Winnipeg. The Cooks Creek Conservation District is leading plan development in partnership with the Provincial government and a team of supporting agencies, interest groups and watershed residents.



A watershed management plan is like a roadmap for the watershed.  It will guide water management authorities, like the Cooks Creek Conservation District, the Province of Manitoba, local government and other stakeholder groups, in creating programming that will protect what you value.  The plan will address issues such as surface water management, groundwater, drinking water protection, preservation of natural areas, and other issues.


Public consultation is the first step in a 2-year process to create a management plan to protect the land and water resources of this watershed for the future and create solutions to address issues and concerns we have for today.  If you would like to provide input on this plan please click on the below link:




For more information on integrated watershed management planning in Manitoba visit



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