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The Cooks Creek Conservation District was formed in 1979 to address local soil and water conservation issues. The District lies east of Winnipeg and includes most of the Cooks Creek Watershed which discharges into the Red River Basin as well as parts of the Carr’s Creek Watershed and the Lower Seine River Basin, which both drain into the Red River Floodway. The District covers most of the Rural Municipality of Springfield and smaller portions of Taché, Ste. Anne, Brokenhead, and Reynolds.

The District offers numerous conservation-based programs. Its main focus is water management, accounting for approximately 75% of total expenditures.

An Eastern Upland area and a Central Lowland area distinguish the topography and soils of the District. The highest point in the District is located in the Southeast with an elevation of 304 meters above sea level. The lowest point in the District is located in the Northwest with an elevation of 234 meters above sea level. The topography also indicates the drainage pattern within the District. An extensive man-made drainage system services the agricultural lands in the District.

Both the spring melt and summer rainstorms combine with the clay-based soils of the region to create a number of water-related issues to local residents. Flooding of cropland is the most severe of these problems.

To address various water-related problems, the Cooks Creek Conservation District has looked at the watershed landscape with considerations to the water-detention structures in the headwaters.

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