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The District office is located – one mile north of Garven Road (PR 213) on Pineridge Road.

Dennis Epps donated 45 acres of land in two parcels to the District in 2003 with the understanding that the District would use the existing house as an office, and the 45 acres of land as a place to encourage wildlife preservation in the area and provide wildlife education programs.

The rare Alberta Arctic Butterfly inhabits the property, therefore the donation was the first “Eco Gift” in Manitoba and the area is protected. Deer roam freely as well as wild turkeys and the occasional bear and coyote. Owls and numerous other birds can be heard and the District was lucky enough to have a Purple Martin House donated to it by the Manitoba Purple Martin Club.

Many varieties of trees, bushes, vines, and fruit bearing shrubs, grow on the property and fallen ones are left for animals to hide or make homes in. A wind storm in 2007 caused a lot of damage but with the help of the local Scouting Troop new trees are being planted with trees from the PFRA.